100% USDA RAW and DEHYDRATED - All Angus Sirloin Prime Beef Steak Tweedle Nips is for small Dogs - contains No Antibiotics, No additives like glycerine, No artificial or chemical preservatives, fillers, bulking agents, no added salt or sugar, No animal By-products, Antibiotics, Steroids or Hormones, 4 oz Prime Choice Angus Beef is dehydrated and after dehydration, weighs in at 2 oz

100% USDA Angus Sirloin Beef (Prime Steak) Tweedle Nips For small Dogs Small

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    If your product is defective, kindly return your item for a full refund or exchange. Buyer pays for returned item, and Tweedle pays for shipping to return the item. No refunds if the buyer claims their pt did not care for the selected flavor.