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Tweedlesmom aka Stacey J Nelson Ph.D. is committed to producing the finest quality natural and organic treats for pets and pet parents, using the best ingredients grown and produced in the USA..

Dr Nelson is a licensed Psychotherapist, Motivational Trainer, and Consultant in South Florida, who has been

baking and cooking for humans and her dogs for many years. In her counseling practice, she listened to patients expressing their grief and loss related to the pet food recalls, and illness and death of their pets, caused by toxins in their pet food. During this period of time, Dr Nelson  learned her Yellow Labrador "Miss Tweedle" had skin and food allergy issues, and also a congenital cardiac defect Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (TVD). It was

difficult to find ingredients in pet food and treats that

Miss Tweedle was not allergic to, so she said she was going to do something about this problem, and she did!

Tweedlesmom was determined to keep Tweedle as healthy as possible, and learned about what ingredients caused an allergic reaction. Dr Nelson was startled to learn how many toxic artificial chemicals and unhealthy ingredients were in dog and cat foods. Too many products contained wheat, soy, corn, grains, added salt and sugar, additives like glycerin, fillers, bulking agents, artificial preservatives, animal by-products, antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and artificial colors and dyes. 


In 2008, during Tweedle's obedience training classes . Tweedlesmom gave out samples of her  treats, to Tweedle's classmates and their pet parents were curious about the ingredients and the aroma of her treats., cause they were a big hit!. Tweedle's classmates wanted more and more in the middle of class!


Tweedlesmom became a vendor at local outdoor green markets offering a variety of her treats; Tweedle Bites, nips, stix, bones, Doodah Cookies., and custom blended Bug Repellents and Fragrant Body Sprays and rollons from Certified Organic essential oils.  To make a long story short, Tweedlesmom aka Dr Stacey J Nelson,  developed a website, including a store online, and became part of and within one year Tweedle Pet Products - Natural and Organic were  available at Whole Foods Market's Florida Region. Tweedle Pet Products Natural and Organic continues

to be an exhibitor at various Festivals and events in

South Florida, and throughout the USA. She plans on expanding nationally, and entering the retail market to make her products more available in the near future.

Tweedle's Healthy Pet Treats
Miss Tweedle and Tweedlesmom
Voyage Article meeting Dr Stacey pg 1 of 2
Voyage Article meeting Dr Stacey pg 2 of 2

   Edible South Florida Magazine declares

Tweedle Pet  Products are safe snacks for Pets

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