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                      New Organic Bug Repellents

  Custom blended from Certified Organic Essential Oils

     and Beautifully fragrant scented essential oils







                                       Attention Customers of Tweedle

                                previously at Delray Beach Green Market

        Watch where Tweedle Pet will be in this event section. You can always place an order

        at our online store. We plan on continuing to provide our Natural and Organic products

        at a variety of events, at our online store and on for your convenience We

        are committed to producing the finest quality treats  from  ingredients produced in the

        USA. Read  our  labels and notice  the difference in our Guaranteed Analysis  and  in the

        quality of our ingredients. Lots of new products and Lots of new events to meet us at!


  Edible Magazine South Florida declares Tweedle Pet Products

                                      as safe snacks for pets