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Most pet owners do not realize the importance of reading labels and understanding why some pet treats cost more money than other treats. The clue in discovering why one treat is better than another is determined by what the first 5 ingredients in a treat are made up of. Ask yourself, is the protein the first ingredient? If so, are there other ingredients containing protein and are they 100% USDA Salmon, Beef, Chicken, Veggies, Grains, etc . Ask yourself if the treats you are thinking of buying contain grains, or are they Gluten Free, Does the treat contain wheat, soy, or corn. Does the treat contain Additives like Glycerin, which many dogs are allergic to. Does the treat contain fillers, bulking agents, animal by-products, steroids, hormones, artificial preservatives, artificial dyes or colors. Does the treat contain added salt or sugar? How is the treat preserved? Are there herbs or spices in the treat? Another question to ask is where is the treat produced? Is it manufactured in the USA, or imported from another country, where monitoring standards and production methods are not the same as in the USA?

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