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100% Organic Tick Repellent - Safe for pets and humans, made from the finest concentrated Certified essential oils with a mist spray atomizer, or dropper. Cironella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Witch Hazel. Available in 3 sizes

1 ounce Introductory Trial Size, - $18

2oz Small, - $25

4 oz Large. - $34

Add 7% sales tax 

Add on shipping and handling of $8.50 plus the cost of your order

1oz Small Size Organic Tick Repellent -

  • Shake bottle a few times before use. Spray lightly or use dropper once as needed every four hours  behind ear and neck, and rear area of fur . Spray lightly on clothing, hats, and shoes to protect from ticks especially when out in the woods, or walking in tall grass. Inspect your pet after being outside and you might want to use a tweezer to remove tick if found, before it attaches itself to the skin.

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